The Ayurvedic Medicine Research Initiative (AMRIT)
 The Ayurvedic Medicine Research Initiative (AMRIT) Project is the largest, most ambitious research initiative of its type to ever be undertaken on the use of Ayurveda within the UK. 

AMRIT invites all UK-based Ayurvedic professionals to partner in the production of practice-relevant knowledge by responding to the first national practitioner questionnaire and also by consenting to be listed on the AMRIT Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) practitioner database with a view to potentially participating in future AMRIT research sub-studies.

This is an important moment for the Ayurvedic profession in terms of both evidence-base and research development and all Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as interested researchers have an opportunity to be at the heart of positive change through contribution to the AMRIT project. The AMRIT project is funded by the Ayurvedic Professionals Association in the United Kingdom and is independently designed, led and conducted by an experienced team of critical health researchers at the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM), Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney. AMRIT is a nationwide project undertaken with the full profession in mind. The recruitment and involvement of all practicing Ayurvedic professionals across the United Kingdom and the collaboration of all interested international professionals and researchers is actively encouraged. 

We encourage all practitioners, researchers and others with an interest in Ayurvedic-related enquiry to check out the pages of this website. While initial recruitment of UK based Ayurvedic professionals is not yet open, there will be ongoing opportunity for anyone eligible practitioners to join the AMRIT Project in the future. This website will be regularly updated with news, project developments and other resources. Please direct any enquiries regarding future recruitment to Distinguished Professor Jon Adams (email:

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